15 October 2021

Hooray a new thing for my school to.... I'll literally explain what happened today
I was in maths class and we were talking about copyright... someone said before 2016 you couldn't sing
duran duran songs.... someone replied yes you can... well back then you couldn't and then someone asked
me to sing a song.... I got mad and immediatley ran out the room.... ugh, I'm gessing she's already telling
Whatever I'm expecting everyone to ask me to sing a song the second I get back to hell...
I feel like I'm crying about nothing at this point.... Whatever expect another thing here next month

29 September 2021

I don't feel like I get anything by living anymore... Idk why, Guessing it's because I'm feeling demotivated
I want to try and get stuff out but I keep getting blocked by something... I also have an awful cold
Honestly, don't expect much from me in the future... that's all I can really say...

24 September 2021

A week ago someone broke my phone at school.... Now that isn't really related to what I'm gonna say but... Why not
I'm still that "Special Kid" everyone tries to pick on... I swear I do the tiniest thing wrong and I get ridiculed infront
of everyone... I'm just tired of it... eh whatever I'll probably get used to it

I forgot what else I was gonna type so fuck it... Why do I even try anymore
I'm honestly tired of this shit and I want to do something else but I feel like I can't
I don't really know why tbh.... also happy 1 month anniversary of this shit... HTML Document
because that's what this is... a dumbass html document

08 September 2021

I'm having trouble making content and streaming... many reasons for this #1 being school and with returning to school
creates many new issues... I now have this time limit that lets me use my computer until 10.... which is shit for someone
like me who enjoys making content... so don't really expect any new uplaods or streams from now on because I literally
can't promise them... School is honestly a whole different story... I don't feel welcome there... I constantly get
harassed by 2 kids there and it makes me want to cry... if anything worse happens I'll talk about it here...

(edit: I don't think my time limit has changed.... sorry about the misinfomation)

24 Augsut 2021

Sometimes I feel like I can't be myself... I simply don't want those motherfuckers finding out about everything
just because I shared my real name like once... it kinda pisses me off... because I just wanna be myself and sometimes
I can't because if I do I'll get made fun off... whatever if they do I'll probably just delete everything and start over
like I usually do... I can't really do much about it

23 Augsut 2021

Sometimes I wish things were easier... It's really hard to explain... but I honestly prefer how things were before...
I really wanna upload more frequently... but it seems really hard to do that... I have no clue where I'm going with this
like... It's really hard to explain my thoughts... I sound like a dick doing so.. I honestly doubt I will write anything here
if I do it probably won't be very important... I'm not that good at writing about myself... and please don't expect anything here to be serious

(on an unrelated note) I like to think I've improved as a content creator... because if you looked at my stuff from 2020... they weren't that good
and if you were to look before that... you would fine garbage... I've gladly deleted most of those now... I honestly don't like my older content that much
also... happy late birthday to vlare... the platform I started trying on... even though you were terrible we'll still miss you...